External TV Display

  • Hi,
    I recently bought a TV to use as a monitor mostly for viewing large spreadsheets or watching YouTube. When I airplay to this TV, I noticed that flux doesn't control the TV display to reduce the blue light. Is that normal behavior? Is there a solution to this problem?

    I haven't tried plugging it in via HDMI as of yet.

  • as an update, it works via HDMI but not airplay smh.

  • @aysidd to clarify, I think its an airplay issue that it doesn't work, not f.lux

  • iOS software update might actually be the cause of issues with AirPlay. If your iOS Software is updated still facing with the issue then follow the below two steps

    1. Reset your network settings on your iPhone or iPad To go to the reset setings - Settings > General > Reset, and tap on Reset Network Settings.
    2. Force restart your device

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