Night Driving sleepiness

  • Are you usually driving at night? Does it cause difficulties you too (sleepiness, hard to focus on)?

    There is something which I could buy to overcome this like some light modifying device like the f.lux? or what are the best practices you found useful?

    Thanks in advance :)

  • Open the windows, put on some high-energy music, don’t get too relaxed in the car (sit more upright), and maybe get some caffeine. Or, if you’re handy, then you can install a little bright blue LED mounted on your dashboard pointed at you. That’s a trick that is used for some semi truck drivers. That’s the extent of my knowledge about it though, so don’t ask me for advice on where to buy one or how to install it, etc.

  • Am using yellow glass and it's helping a lot towards good health.

    Kevin J. Hodge

  • Yeah, night driving is the worst.

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