How to activate hue?

  • As there is no manual, I have struggles activating/using my Philips hue bulb with f.lux.

    I've started f.lux by pressing CTRL, pressed the Hue button, entered the "meethue = 0" DWORD in the registry... and after a restart of my pc the correct bulb seems to be recognized by f.lux as it is shown and activated in the menu "Hue lights to use" with the suffix "(Dusk to dawn)".

    Now, the sun has set but the light does not activate. I tried changing the color settings within f.lux but the bulb stays off.

    What do I have to do!?

  • Geez, I had to activate the bulb in the hue app first. Lets see, how this works tomorrow when the bulb should be switched off on daylight.

  • On daylight, the bulb is dimmed very low but not switched off. Is this intendent?

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