macOS Catalina: "The application Flux cannot be opened"

  • I just did a clean install of macOS Catalina 10.15.2. When I try to run Flux, which I just downloaded, I get "The application Flux cannot be opened." I've tried right-clicking and choosing open. I've tried from the Terminal and I made sure the executable bit is applied.

  • I should have mentioned Flux was working on the Macbook Pro just prior to erasing the hard drive and installing from scratch. I am unsure if the version was 10.15.2 or 10.15.1.

  • I figured this out finally. I changed my default unzip utility to Stuffit Expander. Apparantly, the way it transfers the quarantine extended attribute to the app isn't properly flagging the security system. Solution is to use built-in archive utility to unzip the download.

  • @kazooless thank you for posting this solution! I did not know stuffit expander was an issue.

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