F.lux Yeelight Integration: Cutting Power Disconnects from F.lux

  • I got a Yeelight Bulb recently and it seemed to work OK with F.lux. However, I found that after power-cycling the bulb via the power switch, it can no longer communicate with F.lux, and when using light off/on with voice commands it will cause any issues.

    After tripping it with the power switch, you have to power cycle the light through software (such as the Voice assistant) then restart the f.lux program. Then it will sync correctly again.

    This is obviously not convenient or ideal. There will be times I'll be running out the door and just flip the switch and it breaks the whole setup.

    Is there a fix or workaround to this issue? It seems all the F.lux software would have to do is periodically ping the bulb and/or restart a service in order to fix this behavior. I know some python and C++ but I would rather avoid having to use a bunch of scripts. This kind of thing should probably just be patched through the software.

    Remember, we're trying to make our lives easier with smart-home stuff. Not more complicated ;)

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