Disabling automatic brightness question.

  • Hey!

    If I disable the automatic brightness on El Capitan, does that mean that f.lux will do that function or I should do it from now on? I mean adjust the brightness.


  • autoreply... Seems that not.

    I just put my finger on the camera and nothing happened.

    Well... for me this is a bummer. I like that feature, and it's something I really use. The other way round this flickering problems in just disable f.lux for an hour when the flickering start. At least it seems to work for me.

  • We do have some unshipped code to do this.

    But Apple is probably better at this because they make the hardware -- so our hope is that they will fix the bug instead.

  • @herf Thanks!!! I totally understand, but meanwhile could the a workaround. :)

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