On 10.13.6 w/Flux beta 39.9872, invoking Firefox 70.0.1 causes flux to go full daylight

  • MacOS: 10.13.6 (High Sierra)
    Flux Beta: 39.9872
    Firefox: 70.0.1 (latest release for Mac)

    This behavior is identical to the current release version as well.
    All other common apps behave normally (Tested: Safari, iTunes, VLC, MacVim, Word, etc.)

    Clicking on the Preferences slider does bring the expected color temperature back, but opening a new tab causes reversion to full daylight.

    Any ideas?

  • Are you using a dual-GPU machine? Please post mac model?

    (My Air running the same does not do this.)

  • Model Name: MacBook Pro
    Model Identifier: MacBookPro 8,2 (late 2011) 15"
    GPU: Dual GPU as reported by gfxCardStatus

    The behavior: Any event in Firefox (mouse click, new tab, etc) causes the screen to go to the MacOS system profile (which I calibrated about a year ago using the Mac utility)


    1. The behavior I reported started suddenly last week with the version of F.lux I've used for at least a year. I don't recall making any changes to my machine during that time. Using the latest beta does not change this behavior.

    2. The behavior occurs when using Firefox (70.0.1 or one iteration earlier). All other apps I use work (including Safari) continue to work normally with F.lux.

    3. Used "Refresh" option in Firefox: Did nothing.

    4. Really weird, but possibly useful: Created a generic user account. Firefox runs normally with f.lux in this account.

    I assume Firefox has a profile directory somewhere. Do you have the path?
    If I export/save my bookmarks, are there Firefox profile(s) and/or caches somewhere I could erase and Firefox would re-create on next invocation, so I could safely see if starting fresh might make the problem go away?

    Thank you for your help!

  • Does switching GPUs with gfxCardStatus also do the same thing?

  • I've had gfxCardStatus on my machine for over a year. Changing the GPU has no effect.

    I also tried using a completely new Firefox profile--didn't solve the problem.

    The behavior is limited to Firefox and seems entirely isolated to my user account.

    The only other culprit I can think of (I'm grasping at straws
    here) is SIMBL, which I've used for a few years to get back the look of a transparent launch pad.

    Other than that, I'm ready to give up and create a new
    user account and move "non-controversial" stuff over
    there. (Been using Safari lately, but don't like its UI very much).

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