MacOS Catalina issues: Inverting colors and F.lux order of application; multi-screen issues; monochrome issues

  • I just upgraded to the latest MacOS, and I'm having issues with F.lux. I'm currently using MacOS Catalina. Previously, at night, I would often invert my screen colors while reading in dark room mode, or even just using late night colors, and it would work fine; the colors would be inverted (light text on dark bacground) and flux would be applied over it. In MacOS Catalina, the order of application does not work the same. If I invert screen colors, the screen becomes an unpleasant bright greenish color. Flux color filters seem to be applied before color inversion.
    This breaks the way I need flux to work.
    Dark Room mode is also broken in MacOS Catalina.
    Furthermore, the way flux gets applied across multiple monitors is broken as well. I have a larger monitor plugged into my laptop, and the coloring is not consistent between them. The difference is pretty bad. It wasn't like this prior to the upgrade.
    Oh, and the big one: I think this may have something to do with flux, but when my computer started back up, it was monochrome. All the color was gone, and there does not appear to be any way to bring it back, at least not that I've found. Quitting flux doesn't do it.

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