f.lux not working macOS 10.14.6

  • What can I say, f.lux is just nog working. My screen is not filtered at night time, stays bright as were it day time. Any ideas..? Seems its conflicting with Dark Mode, which I use. When I quit f.lux macOS switches to Light Mode. Whatever button I press in preferences or whatever slider I slide the color on screens stays the same.

  • Which Mac do you have?

    f.lux has automation to turn on/off dark mode (see options > dark theme), so if that is on it may be changing the setting.

  • I have a 2012 Mac Pro running 10.14.6.

    macOS Dark Mode is turned on always so why does Flux change it to Light Mode after I quit the app?

    Anyway, Flux doesn't seem to work anymore since recent OS updates, no color changes whatsoever.

  • @septimus Okay, so Apple says the Mac Pro requires a compatible GPU upgrade, and I would guess there is some mismatch in drivers for your GPU? I don't know exactly what they have approved, but here is the note about it:


    Regarding dark mode: if you turn on f.lux's "dark theme at sunset" option it will manage toggling dark mode on & off (setting light theme if you exit). If you turn this feature off in f.lux, the system setting should stay the same. Latest f.lux is 39.987.

  • SAME on my Air OS 10.14.6. It hasn't worked I installed 10.14.6..My display calibration is fixed to SRG IEC61966-2.1 It just acts as if Flux doesn't exist...Flux says it's running, but no flux sunset colors nor any yellow softer hues

  • Hmm this was a problem in older versions - do NOT use the sRGB profile as your monitor profile, because it is not a display profile.

  • @herf

    macOS is set to use Dark Theme, when I quit f.lux it switches to the Light Theme.

    My Mac has a compatible nVidia GTX680 card.

    Whatever I do, move sliders, choose other color settings like Recommended colors, Classic f.lux, nothing happens. Like Usernames says, it seems like f.lux doesn't exist.

  • @septimus Okay - two things then:

    1. If you uncheck f.lux options > use dark theme, f.lux won't change the theme anymore. It does not know what the system setting is, so you shouldn't expect it to uncheck this box for you.

    2. Apple and NVIDIA have not been maintaining drivers very well (none of the recent Macs use nv). You can search for this and see people all over quite mad about it. It's likely true that you've found a situation where macOS driver support is pretty rough.

    Otherwise, can you post what your active color profile is? system preferences > displays > color

  • @herf

    Apple's drivers for nVidia work quite well as they are part of the macOS, like I said the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 Mac Edition is fully supported. There's no need for the nVidia Web Drivers.

    Checking my monitor profiles I noticed that color doesn't change when selecting different profiles, maybe has something to do with this: https://imagescience.com.au/blog/mac-icc-profile-issues-with-10-14-6 and https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2645572

  • @septimus Wow, the Adobe thread has NEC engineers posting about how broken it is too.

  • Any idea what's going on? And is there something you can do about it?

  • Hi Septimus. I have a MacBook Air 2013 running macOS 10.14.6. F.lux is running just fine in clear and/or dark mode. The same problem happened to me with 10.13 ans was fixed by playing with the F.lux preferences. Sorry, I don't remember exactly which one.

  • Still on Mojave 10.14.6 I thought I'd report back as f.lux is working again after I created a test account to see if something's wrong with my current account and f.lux would work in the new account. It did and now it also works again in my old account... It's totally unclear to me why but somehow this also resulted in display profiles working again.

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