No way to Custom control; "Previewing Bedtime: will reset automatically"

  • Thanks in advance for your help!: While Flux may activate itself, it will not allow me to make any changes (there's NO-thing to click on to make custom changes & have them stick). As it gets very late I often want the screen yellower than it is. Trying to change the Temp. is often not sufficient, as even though my time zone is entered, it's not on 'Bedtime'. Choosing bedtime (or even 'evening', because it's often still on Daytime), I get the above PREVIEWING message and the color reverts to bluish within 5-10 seconds. Nothing will make it STAY yellow, or get rid of the Previewing message! Really appreciate any pointers!
    Flux version is up to date.
    On Macbook Air, El Capitan.

  • For the most part, you can use the slider to adjust the "Current" setting, and the tabs are only used to adjust "other" times of day (not the current setting).

    If you don't like the range of the sliders, you can expand it in "options".

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