Do you prefer to sleep with some amount of light, or in complete darkness?

  • There's really no downside when you can use echolocation anyways.

  • I prefer to sleep in complete darkness.

  • I prefer sleeping with little red light, but my father says I need to be sleeping in complete darkness to get all the benefits of a good sleeping.
    I usually turn off all kind of lights to sleep.
    But every night, just before I sleep, I love to use my laptop or phone, so I put it in f-lux, while I read a ebook or watch a video.
    Edit: please f-lux team add more options of intensity to Android app. Thank you!

  • Thank you for sharing the article, and I feel that I should let the light be enough to avoid glare and root to fall asleep,
    and I usually play soft songs when I go to bed

  • I like to sleep in the light and have some lullaby now
    and you might be interested at

  • Complete darkness.

    It's healthier because it's the way nature intended the night to look and it's what our bodies are used to.

  • I prefer to sleep in complete darkness.

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  • You should aim for complete darkness. Because our skin has photocell receptors, a simple nightlight in a room that is hitting any skin on your body is telling your body it is time to wake up and likely disruption your bodies natural melatonin production.

    There was a study done with putting a light behind the knee of someone sleeping and that simple act alone showed measurable disruption to sleep patterns. IE. Not getting restful sleep. It is however, work tracking with tracker at night to see what changes you make are actually working or not. Not tracking anything though, and saying you get good sleep is not a good indicator of you actually getting good sleep. You have to track it if you want to hack it!

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