At night, f.lux fades to daylight for a few seconds, then back to yellow

  • Re: after Win10 April Update - flux sometimes swich on/off for seconds

    I'm new to f.lux. Love it. But have noticed that when I'm working at night, it occasionally fades back and forth from nighttime yellow to daylight white. Actually it does that fairly frequently.

    Windows 10 PC.
    F.lux version 4.104.
    Windows Night light turned off.

    Anybody have an explanation and fix?

  • Can you check if you have anything in your disable menu (like fullscreen, or a particular app)?

    And if that doesn't work, please post f.lux options > driver info.

  • same problem, I like to use f.lux with pleasure but lately I have apparently done something wrong.
    The image dims as I want, but when I open a new page, I have a white image again which dims after a while.
    What should I set to prevent that and it just dims in the evening and stays dimmed?
    Macbook pro 15" mac OS 15.14.5 .

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