Feature Request: OSX Dual Monitor support

  • I wish flux had dual monitor support in OSX
    l'd love to have a different flux curve for each screen or even a darkroom mode enabled on a specific screen but I doubt OSX would allow separate inverted screens natively.

    I currently have my macbook hooked up to an external IPS panel which looks great as my main display with flux, the macs internal lcd needs a separate color profile with much warmer temps to get a good match.

    My current workaround is to make a new warmer color profile with flux running, its a bit difficult as the profile flashes on and off during calibration, but you can get a reasonable match or at least a very warm peachy color profile with the two enabled, just open the macs Display Preferences and tick Show profiles for this display only, then click Color and Calibrate, after completing the Calibration wizard I named my profile 'Flux Warm Color LCD Calibrated'

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