Warmer Yellow on Hue integration.

  • Well this is really cool, although I had to make an account, which may limit feedback, this is a really nice forum, and disqus needs an account so I guess that's equal.

    I guess I'll start things off and say that for the Hue integration it's wonderful, but I want that warmer yellow. You'll find it near the greenish yellow section, but if you go too far into yellow orange, the light will go to that strange color of orange. It won't take you long, and once you do find it, I'd like that to be reached for the lowest yellow at night.

    If you feel that's a bit too deep, you may be able to add an option for "extra warm yellow for hue lights" in the Extras. Look forward to reading what you come up with.

  • The hue has a wide green so mostly when we go below 2000K it is almost entirely with the red chip. But once you get below a certain level maybe aesthetics should dictate what you do anyway.

  • Yeah, it's really like a candle yellow, very strong. I could see it being a bit much and it's very easy to make a preset like I have in Hue Pro (wonderful app).

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