F.lux handle bug

  • F.lux is using thousands of handles when i leave my pc on for more than a day.
    I was looking into process explorer and found out it's this key

    I was using windows store version but that apparently isn't updated anymore (?), so I've installed latest v4.99 but the issue persists. Win10 x64 v1809

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  • Ugh I thought we fixed this but there is a leak in one of the Windows API calls we're making.

    Will see what can be done.

  • 4.100 has a workaround, mainly that we stop looking for color profile changes every two minutes. So if you change your profile you now have to restart f.lux.

    Also @destroyer do you have one monitor or more than one?

    Please try the beta and let us know:


  • Thanks for reply --
    Joined beta, 4.100 installed ... will report results in couple days.
    And yes, I do use two monitors, one is connected to nvidia gtx 760 and the other one to intel hd 530

  • Update:

    1. You need dual displays to see this bug, and
    2. It does not happen on Windows 7.
    3. We've reduced the number of calls substantially in 4.100, so it shouldn't be a problem for most cases.

  • Since my last response I see 705 handles in total. Most of them is still to that key but the number is significantly lower (about 20x) than before and it doesn't seem to be growing so I think the mitigation was successful :)

    Btw any plans to provide updates to the win store version of the app or should I just install the exe from website on my other PCs?

  • Our 4.101 beta is doing even more aggressive caching of the leaky call, should show slightly lower numbers.

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