HACK: Can't afford smart lighting; too many white-light LED bulbs to replace with yellow

  • I can't afford smart lighting for a few years at least. I own only basic white-light LED light bulbs (and will replace some of them with yellows as and when they die). So here's the hack I came up with for dimming some of the white lighting and filtering out the blue light from it:

    Tape/tie/fasten (with rubber bands) yellow/ochre/orange/red (ochre works best) plastic bags onto the white light source. Fold over into double-layers for stronger filtering. And just like that, you have yellow-orange light!

    I tried first with brown paper, but that just kills most of the light. Cloth works too, provided the gaps between individual threads aren't too large.

    After 8 pm, I turn off all the unmasked LED lights and turn on the masked ones. The house turns dim and looks as though it's fire-lit. I start feeling sleepy almost immediately. That, combined with f.lux on my PC and Twilight on my phone ensure that even if I'm working late, my body clock stays right. I don't know how much blue light I'm actually filtering out, but it seems to be working.

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