(update) -Flux not working on Mojave?

  • I posted earlier here about uninstalling Flux as I was having problems with the app.

    I've been able to uninstall the app completely and re-install it (I know I did this correctly because the problems I had are gone).
    However, there remains the problem that my screen does not dim/change color when I turn on the app.

    A quick look around shows some other people are having the same problem.

    Anyone here running on Mojave and are able to use flux fine? (even after restarting your mac?) I'm wondering if there is something wrong with the software itself rather than a problem on my end.

  • I'm using it fine on a MacBook Air 2018 and a MacBook Air 2013 without noticing any issues. One is always in Dark Mode, the other in light mode.
    My mac mini 2012 switches light/dark (via Flux). Not sure whether the problems started before 10.14.3 or not, but I'm often seeing no sunset transition and no change in color temp on the mini. I'll see whether disabling the light/dark change via flux helps

  • @fluxuser782

    That option didn't work for me. However, I was able to find a solution!

    First off, I noticed that the "Night Shift" built-in feature wasn't working me either. Props to apple support for fixing this and (as a result) f.lux

    For anyone who has the same problem as me with "Night Shift" not working as well (Go to System Preferences > Displays > Night Shift), follow these steps to re-install your latest mac software...

    1. Uninstall f.lux and any hidden folders related to it.

    2. Back up anything you have. Not necessarily needed, but it made me feel better (as a "just in case"). Everything you have: docs, software, folders, apps, etc... should remain the same. The only thing you're really going to be doing is "fixing" the version that your mac is running on (pretty much the same thing as when you have to update your mac).

    3. Shut down your mac completely.

    4. Hold the "command" key and the "r" key and press the power button on.
      (I believe you keep these keys pressed until you see the apple logo. The "r" stands for "resetting" -which is what you're doing).

    5. Follow the instructions. I had to choose my language, agree to terms, basic misc stuff.

    6. Your mac will have to install and load now which will take time. Depending on your processor speed, what you have installed on your mac, etc.. it may take up to an hour or more to load. Mine took about 35 min.

    7. Log in and download the latest version of f.lux

    I hope this helps someone else out there. The biggest pain was the waiting part. Apple support told me that if this doesn't do the trick then I'd have to make an appointment. I was worried about having to send my mac out for repairs, but the guy helping me said most likely not, as this seems to be a software issue and not a hardware issue.
    If "Night Shift" works fine, but f.lux doesn't... I'm guessing it's more of an error with f.lux than your mac.

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