Mac OS Mojave + F.lux = Malfunctioning

  • Currently using f.lux on Macbook Pro (mid-2017, no touchbar) on Mac OS Mojave 10.14.1.

    F.lux transitions to sunset colors while Macbook shows the desktop active. When switching to any background application, such as a full-screen mode Firefox, f.lux transitions to blue light immediately.

    Have tried force closing and restarting. Have also tried reinstalling. No success.

    Any word from devs on an update to fix this? or a workaround? I really love using f.lux because of its convenience and no-thought usage, but sadly if this continues I'll have no choice but to use an alternative.

  • The current version of macOS Mojave is 10.14.3

    You might want to update and see if that helps

    Douglas Goodall
    Santa Maria, CA

  • No, 10.14.3 does not help. It seems to have made it worse. Flux is crashing frequently on my mac mini 2012. Has worked without incident since I installed mojave in January. Now recently it fails to switch to dark mode at sunset., and appears not responding in Activity Monitor. Relaunching may or may not get it to work. This time, for example, it had crashed again -- Beachball and not responding.

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