Yet another request for custom times

  • So, first off, I generally love flux, except when I don't. The duration of daylight, sunset, and night hours are maddening, particularly in more northern locations.

    This isn't fixable by changing the colors, nor by changing the 'wake time', nor location. We need the ability to extend or shorten, in particular, the three durations.

    This is especially true when traveling and dealing with jet lag. On long flights, I want to set flux to 'sunset' while working on the plane, then 'night' when arriving at the hotel so that I'm not too much a zombie to drive safely. Likewise, when I am only traveling for a day, particularly for only a couple hour time zone change, I often will not change my sleep schedule to avoid screwing up my sleep pattern.

    The research clearly shows that people vary - circadian cycles are influenced by both environment and genetics, and no two people are exactly the same. So if we're going to use 'research' as a reason to deny a much requested feature, let's make sure we use all the research and not just selectively pick and choose.

    So how about it? Let us choose how long the daytime, sunset, and bedtime sections of the schedule run?

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