Some parts of my screen look greenish at times

  • On my 2014 MacBook Air, the bottom part of the screen turns greenish during the bedtime phase (candle) when I tilt the screen at viewing distance. Can someone tell me why this happens, and if there is a fix for it?

  • It's called "gamma shift". It's due to the display technology of the Macbook Air (and, unfortunately, of most displays for any laptop or normal computer). It's not f.lux, nor is it something you can change. It's just due to the way the display emits light. It's a bit directional in nature. So, the top and bottom will always have a different appearance. It's just easier to see when f.lux is making the display emit warmer colors.

    If you were to stand up and then sit down while you're looking at the display (or sit down and then stand back up, whichever your starting position is), then it will be even easier to see the gamma shift.

    Most people erroneously say the cause of this effect is from the viewing angle of the monitor, but the term "viewing angle" is referring to something else. Again, it's due to the effect called "gamma shift", and it's something that can't be controlled or changed. The best that anyone can do is adjust the tilt until they get the best balance between the top and bottom.

    You might even notice that some other natural 'problems' are easier to see when f.lux is set to a warm color temperature, such as the effect where text and other things leave a trail when you're scrolling. This, like gamma shift, is normal and can't be changed. Well, some monitors have settings that can reduce this particular effect, but you're more likely to find those kind of settings on gaming monitors and professional monitors.

    So, it's not a problem with f.lux. It's just the way display technology [still] is, even though it's nearly 2019.

  • @twocables Thanks!

  • Exactly what @TwoCables said.

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