F.lux API

  • Hello everybody!

    So, I'm running a Node-RED instance for all my smartdevices and since the HTTP POST support of F.lux this is getting more amazing every day (props for this!).
    The integration works pretty obvious: adjust display to circadian, send to Node, adjust everything that supports brightness and/or temperature.
    However, sometimes I want my bulbs to be controlled manually but, in the current scenario, everything I set will be overwritten by the POST message as soon as a change on my computer is made - it's OK for my adresable led strips, to keep the mood, but it's a bit of a problem when I have to use light for specific jobs.

    I would like to make it work the other way around too.
    Is it any possibility in sending commands to F.lux to adjust the display according my settings, over LAN API?

  • We have a version of this internally, not yet shipping.

    As a policy I think we will not listen on the LAN - the PC is too big a security target, so any security bug has huge impact. But there are other ways to do this, having f.lux make outgoing connections to figure out what's up, which is what we will do instead.

  • @mental05 . Im interested in how you have this set up. Do you have a tutorial posted?

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