f.lux / Tradfri

  • Hi everyone; I've been an f.lux user for a while, but just registered on the forum; I tried searching (using the looking glass up right in the web page) and found a few references to IKEA, but none of them links to the Tradfri product line; I also found a github project, https://github.com/overwatchcorp/tradfri-flux, referring to something behaving similar to f.lux. I have not any direct experience of Philips Hue, whereas I have a tradfri set of lamps + controller + gateway up and running, so my question:

    Any plans to integrate tradfri support in f.lux?



  • Hi!

    Sorry for necroposting but IKEA Trådfri product line has become mainstream and f.lux still does not support it.

    Are there any plans to integrate TRADFRI (TRÅDFRI) support in f.lux?


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