Flickering with light changes since Mojave

  • Since upgrading to Mojave the auto-dim moves in a very jarring stairstepped flickering way instead of smooth adjustments like normal. It took me a while to figure out it was Flux because the problem continues even after quitting until I manually go into System Preferences > Display > Color and change the display profile from Flux to the default "Color LCD". Once I manually turn off the Flux profile the the auto-brightness works smoothly until I restart Flux or put it back on the Flux profile.

    I've disabled MacOS's night mode as well to rule out any interaction but that doesn't fix it and has persisted through the 10.14.1 update. I'm on a 2016 Macbook Pro 15in.

  • Thanks - are you able to report this bug to Apple? They require system reports to report these bugs now...


  • So I created a fresh new mac user on my macbook and opened Flux to see if the problem happened under a clean slate account and it went away. The changes were smooth.

    Then when I went back to my main account and tried flux the problem seems to have gone away. Hopefully that fixed it for good. I'll update if it reverts back.

  • I also am having flickering problems with F.lux on OSX Mojave (long time user without previous problems), as is my friend who started having the same problems when she installed F.lux on her MacBook Pro based on my recommendation. We both quit the programs and are not having the flickering anymore. Sadly, I have had to stop using f.lux, at least for the time being until a bug fix is found :(

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