Feature Request: ShiftWork/Jetlag/DaylightSavings settings

  • Suggestion 1: A shift or timezone mode that allows users to alter the light/dark cycle by any number of hours earlier or later than their location. In effect, changing the timezone, but by dialling in the number of hours difference from their actual location.

    (My personal preference would be to also move the "earliest wake time" by the same amount when changing the number-of-hours setting, just to make it easier to change both at once. Hence the easiest way to implement this might be a setting in the options menu to link the "earliest wake time" to the main day/night cycle, so adjusting the up/down buttons on the front panel will not only change the wake-time, but the entire day/night cycle.)

    Suggestion 2: A "target" setting for shiftworkers or travellers that lets them set the timezone or shift they are changing to, and the number of days until they change, and then f.lux automagically adjusts the timezone adjuster in suggestion 1 incrementally each day to help them move to their new sleep/wake cycle.

    Suggestion 3: Daylight savings preparation. Same as suggestion 2, but to automagically adjust the pseudo-timezone by small amounts in the week leading up to a change in daylight-savings to help people adapt to going to bed slightly earlier or later (spring/fall respectively). Much smaller than suggestion 2, but for normal people with very sensitive sleep patterns, it might be a gentle help.

    Background: I have a circadian rhythm disorder which in the US is usually called "non-24" (technically it's called "progressing delayed sleep cycle"). It means I get to sleep later each day, with my sleep pattern rolling around the clock about once per month.

    I use f.lux to help me reduce the rate of forward shift when I'm sleeping at night, and speed up the rate of forward shift when I am sleeping during the day. f.lux gives me an extra tool for dealing with this issue. So thanks for that.

    To do this currently, I change my longitude in location settings to one where the day/night cycle is what I want (it's currently set to central Africa, for eg.), plus change the "earliest wake time" to wherever I need it to be (currently 5pm). It works, but I think someone less nerdy would find it difficult to work out the longitude, and it's pretty kludgy.

    People with my condition are rare, but shift-work and time-zone travel/jetlag is much more common, and I think they would appreciate it.