Does not work in some full screen games, but greyscale works in the same game?

  • I'm having an issue with f.lux and full screen games -- it does not work in most.

    It seems to be working fine in the Windows 10 Netflix app when I enable it full screen.

    In Dota 2 I had to reapply the graphic settings in order for it to re-apply f.lux or Night Light, until I found out about the -nogammaramp parameter which works perfectly. I now launch Dota 2 in exclusive full screen and f.lux is enabled.

    In World of Warcraft however, it doesn't seem to work even with re-applying graphic settings. I can disable and re-enable f.lux but it wouldn't cause a difference.

    But here is where it gets interesting. I enabled the extra colour range as per the recommendation in this thread. I restarted the PC and unfortunately it didn't fix the issue for me. I did notice however, that if I set it to the lowest setting (<1300K) upon launching World of Warcraft, the colours would look a bit gray. Not fully grayscaled, but very noticably washed out colours.

    I then tried enabling greyscale mode, and voila, it works. Adjusting the settings with Alt + Shift + PgUp / PgDn also works, however it definetly mismatches the desktop settings by a lot, and it looks like it's adjusting the colours from fully coloured, to fully grayscale as opposed to the blue light settings.

    NOTE: None of the other custom modes seem to work.

    For example when I start going below a certain value of about <3500K the game starts becoming grayer and greyer. If I keep lowering the setting it would go completely grey scale.

    Please help me in resolving this. I've been using f.lux for the last couple of years ever shortly after it came out. I have grown very accustomed to it, as much of my work and life is based in front of a monitor. It has became a life saver and using a computer without f.lux feels like it should belong in hell now.

    It's truly a great tool and thank you so much for developing it, I really need and want to use in my full screen games. I did not have a problem with my eyes hurting a lot, headaches or sleeping before, but I can definetly feel the positive difference none-the-less. If I disabled f.lux during night time now I feel like the light starts projecting straight into the back of my skull, I'm like "what is that how I used the computer before". I supposed that's how people who used those green light screened monitors which people said really did burn a hole in your skull felt when we moved on to something better.

    Again, please help me to resolving this. I'm here and looking forward to any testing, troubleshooting and etc. which might be needed.

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