Tinted screenshots, or fullscreen apps and games missing f.lux?

  • f.lux team

    f.lux changes your screen colors using the built-in controls on your video card. But when they are not available, it uses the GPU. We prefer to use the built-in calibration controls, since they work better and do not affect screenshots.

    So if your screenshots are tinted or your games are not, consider these things:

    1. Do you have a USB-connected (DisplayLink) monitor? Then please consider updating your DisplayLink drivers and enabling a registry setting listed in this thread: http://www.displaylink.org/forum/showthread.php?p=82958#post82958

    2. Do your fullscreen movies or games not have f.lux effects applied? Then please consider using the "expand color range" menu from f.lux and rebooting the machine. The newer versions will prompt you to do this when f.lux starts (a few times), but a reboot is necessary to finish the process.

  • Android

    I don't have a USB-connected DisplayLink monitor. My screenshots are tinted. What are my options to resolve? I have a GTX 960 graphics card.

  • @Ryan-Bright I have the same GPU, my screenshots are not tinted? How are you generating screenshots? For me, pressing the printscreen key and CTRL + V into paint works well.

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