Correct setting for Blue Light Syndrome

  • Hello,
    I really like your product, and will contribute after this post.
    I am a ham radio operator, and have two LED 24" HD monitors to do my work, usually for several hours (or more) at a time.

    I have special glasses for this purpose, and they do contain a Blue Light filter, which is only 34% efficient at best, according to the mfg.
    I use your product to eliminate the Blue light in my dual monitors in whatever spectrum is causing people like myself to not being able to get to sleep.
    Tonight I am trying the Greyscale setting, although I don't know if I can keep it because a ham software product uses colors to notify me of certain call types.

    So the question is two actually:

    1. Does Greyscale eliminate the Blue light issue?
    2. Using colors, what is the best setup to use to eliminate the Blue light as much as possible?

    Also, could you folks please choose a different type of Capcha to use to verify I'm not a robot?
    The one with pictures is extremely low-res, and us seniors, even with good glasses, have difficulty picking out details that are asked for in a poor picture.


  • Grayscale does not eliminate any blue light because white still stays the same.

    This build should also look better below 2000K, as it's doing to tricks to make colors look more realistic there. You can adjust colors at any time using the main slider in the preferences.

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