Macular degeneration from devices is REAL

  • It is BS to say blue light from PC & devices does not cause macular degeneration. It indeed does. The kids growing up with devices now are going to be in some big trouble if they are not careful with their usage. Exposure to 5G and 24/7 blue light. These kids are going to be fucked up. All of us are. But children are especially susceptible because of their soft skulls. There is a reason why all the world leaders and tech leaders like Jobs, Gates, Zuck etc monitor their kid's usage. Both mental sociological and physiological reasons.

    Any Flux staff or others who tell you it's only the blue light from lasers and not devices etc is off their rocker.

    I have doubled-up. I use Flux on full yellow mode almost 24/7 (turn it off when confirming designs etc of course) plus I use amber glasses that cut blue light by a guaranteed 97% + zero reflection. You have to spend a bit of money on those glasses but worth it.

    When you wake up you need to expose your retina to real direct sunlight for 30 minutes. This resets your internal clock. It's called sun-gazing. You look up at the sun but not directly into it of course. Then start using blue light cutting methods around 4pm.

    Work hard is a fallacy. Work smart and safe.

  • Prolonged device usage over the years has affected my sight quite a bit. I can’t see clearly at all anymore. As I was such a heavy user of my devices I always questioned blue light as the cause of my problems with my doctor at the eye hospital. He always said not to worry as there was no evidence to support it. Just recently I saw that studies have proven blue light exposure damages cells and that has made me cut down my usage by a huge amount.

    blue light damage article

    I think we are all in trouble too. I guess it will be like smoking. In a few years people will get to know more about the health risks and then do everything they can to avoid it. But for now there is little information about it.

    Does anyone know of a site or forum that focuses on the issue?

  • That's why I now use Flux + Night Shift 24/7. And I now also turn off all my devices hours before sleeping. Yes, it's hard and we all have work deadlines, but if you don't have eyes you cannot work! So...Just wake up earlier and get more or the same amount of work done. Also take more eye breaks where you are looking into nature and sun gazing. Do eye exercises as well. Google eye exercise. Your eyes have muscles too and should be kept in good shape just like any other muscles. This is no joke people. If you have kids enforce strict usage and always cut the blue light. And don't get me started about the 5G that's rolling out.

    Google these:
    5G WiFi and health
    Eye exercises

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