Please add 24/hr yellow always on mode

  • I want to use Flux to cut blue light 24hr a day. Always on mode. Please add this feature. Right now I have to slide it all the way to the left manually or change the time.

    p.s. What is the best setting to cut blue light? Can Flux block it 96% or better like the high-end glasses? Is tungsten the best?

  • No replies even from the devs? Why no "Enable 24 hours" option? Should be a no-brainer.
    Also I want to set the color I want for 24 hours. eg red or yellow.

  • You can. Just set all 3 of the colors to what you want. You can force f.lux into Bedtime mode by faking your wake up time, and you can force f.lux into Daytime and Nighttime by faking your Location. It's very easy.

  • @sierrafluxnoluv The best bet seems to be set to custom colors, and turn expanded daytime settings on, set as low a temp as you can, which does get you 1900k (Candle) durning the day without any changing of time or other tomfoolery and you don't have to change again

    There are disadvantages to faking your location because of its effects on other things which rely on your location being correct. As I'm suer you agree faking your up time is an inconvenient hack since you have to change it to keep it always on rather than a set it once preference. As for setting all 3 of the colors - is that a windows version thing? I'm on a Mac and seeing no individual color option. A simple always on, even always bedtime feature would be cool for some as you say

  • @sierrafluxnoluv Call me clueless but how do I get into Flux to change the settings manually? Thank you. Gary

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