Any recommends for clip on blue light blocking glasses pls?

  • Hi. :)

    I have been a heavy user of tablets/phones for several years now. About 3 years ago I started developing some sight problems so I have recently cut down my usage considerably.

    My question: I use glasses and I wanted to buy some clip on blue light blocking lenses. Can anyone recommend some that block out a good amount (possibly up to 100% ) of blue light?

    I was looking at the 3M yellow safety glasses which seem to offer great protection (referencing the f.luxometer) but aren’t available in clip on form. Is there something similar available in clip on form? Or maybe something with similar protection that can be worn over glasses?

    Thank you all! :^]

  • @c-t-e 3m yellow is NOT good for this use. On the fluxometer, you'll probably see a faint grey area covering the mostly aqua color. This is the model for the alertness of visible light in humans.

    Blue is inside this and green as well. Look at the Skyper UVEX shades and you'll see it doesn't allow any altering green light. If you can find the larger pair (without the black frame, not called skyper) they may fit over your glasses unless you have large frames.

  • What are your sight problems? Answer might be different depending...

    Also, sometimes you can look for "fitover" glasses which can be kind of awkward, but they do work.

  • Thank you. I will check out the Skypers and related models. :)

    @herf I am 40 and about 3 years ago the opticians told me I had macular degeneration. The sight in my right eye was blurred in the centre to the point where I couldn't read or recognise faces very easily.

    Now I have problems in both eyes. I have been told I also have posterior vitreous detachment. My sight is swarmed with floaters + I have distorted yellow patches everywhere. My right eye is much darker and completely blurred compared with my left eye.

    I make music on my devices and have spent a huge amount of time staring at different screens over the years. Recently I saw the news that blue light has been confirmed to permanently damage human cells including the cells in the eye (damaging sight).. I want to be able to protect my vision while still being able to make music on my iPad and phone. I don't mind how strong the filter colour looks, as long it gives maximum protection for my sight. :)

  • I am looking at trying some "Eyekepper" over glasses from Amazon.

    Amazon link

    They say they block 100% of blue light. Has anyone tried or tested a pair? I'm always dubious of the advertised/claimed blocking properties of these products. They also do a pair that block 94% of blue light. I'm not sure if they might be more practical.

    Anyone have any thoughts or experience of these products? Thanks.

  • A cheaper option than 3M safety glasses are anti-laser glasses from eBay. Red ones (for blue-laser) are also sold as "dental-laser safety glasses". Because of what they are used for, they are very clean, very deep filters. (Although I wouldn't trust them for actual laser work.)

    I got a pair of reds for about $2 plus postage. They can be worn over glasses, but aren't clip-on. Red might be too extreme for tablet reading (I use mine for circadian manipulation), but you can get $2-3 yellow or orange glasses on eBay too.

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