Conflict with Dark Mode in Mac OS Mojave

  • Hi there, I thought I would report this : if you activate Dark Mode on Mac OS Mojave, but use flux, flux will make your computer revert to Light Mode during day time and switch to Dark Mode automatically at night. I would like to stay on Dark Mode all day long so this is very annoying. Probably something to fix in a next version.

  • This is a feature in Options > Use Dark Theme at sunset.
    You can turn it off (as it is by default).

  • I can't see anything under Options, but can see "Color Effects -> OS X Dark theme at sunset"

    Is this the same thing?

  • @rdmarsh Yes.

  • We'll rename it in the next version.

  • I did not update the field as I set myself dark mode. I like this version aesthetically. I have not experienced any inconvenience when using it until today. I rejected all requests for updating the system because my mac was working perfectly and I was happy with how it works. But today I noticed that my laptop has become very slow. Could this be due to the old version? I also have problems with memory overflow. Could this be due to memory?

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