Vertical stripe

  • I searched for a question along these lines and didn't find anything: When my screen is on evening mode, there's an area on my screen that stays brighter white. It's a straight up-and-down stripe area on my screen, a couple inches in from the left side of the screen; colors and images display fine in that area, they are just whiter than the rest of the screen. When I turn f.lux off I can't see a difference between this part of the display and others. What might be causing this?

  • @eccentric-hat this happens in windows as well regarding the taskbar brightness (mine is set to left edge) when using the vignette mode. The taskbar will be brighter.

    When I move the taskbar to any other side of the screen or just hide it, that area remains brighter. Try changing your resolution lower and then back to what you use.

  • In case anybody finds this post: this turned out to be an early sign of a problem with my graphics card. That eventually stopped working completely and I had it replaced; the f.lux issue hasn't returned.

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