I have a used Mac Air. It seems to be running Flux, but I want to change the settings. I cannot find how to change the settings. I tried discarding Flux, but the message said I could not discard it because it is running. What to do? Thanks.

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  • Try our uninstall instructions here: https://justgetflux.com/faq.html#install

  • F.lux is useful because it protects your eyes and nervous system from the effects to too much blue light, so I would not recommend uninstalling it. Better to change the settings, as you requested. This is easy to do.

    If you click on the F.lux icon in your menu bar (the bar across the top of your Mac computer screen) it will show you the settings options. The icon is a circle with a graph line that rises and then falls in it).

    In order to teach what the settings options are, F.lux has a quickstart guide for Mac OS that gives basic info at https://justgetflux.com/news/pages/macquickstart/

    I hope my reply helps you. F.lux is a great program for people who spend many hours every day on the computer, and so I hope you will continue using it.

    If my ideas did not help, then please post, again.

  • @peytonstafford I've tried clicking on flux and it doesn't open on my menu bar or anything. I've tried doing everything with my mac. Doesn't work

  • There's a tiny little icon that appears on the bar across the top of your computer screen, to the left of the time. If you click there, you can set preferences, like "disable for full screen applications", or "disable for one hour". But you can also just plain quit out of f.lux when you don't want it on, and then start it up again by clicking on the icon in your dock or in your applications.

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