Blacks turn cyan on newest Macbook Pro?

  • Due to a driver bug in Intel GPUs, people with new Macbook Pro (2018) and Intel GPUs are seeing black colors rendered as cyan when f.lux is running. This has been fixed for quite some time in Mojave, so if you are willing to run a beta, that is one way to fix it.

    If you cannot update to the Mojave beta, we have posted a workaround here:

    The build has a new pref called "blackbias" which pushes up the blackpoint to work around the bug


    • Quit current f.lux
    • Download/run build above


    • From Terminal type this into the command line:

    defaults write org.herf.Flux blackbias 0.05

    The default is zero, which you can get back to this way:

    defaults delete org.herf.Flux blackbias

    Some people have needed to use 0.1 instead. This is a bandaid until we have a better fix from Apple/Intel.

  • i have this issu with new macbook. Work now 98%. Sometimes blue color appear

  • worked! thank you.

  • ok it worked for 5 minutes (black appears as black). when my computer fell asleep, it stopped working after that. (black appears as cyan). I closed flux and re-ran the command in terminal. advice?

  • The cyan is back again on MacBook Pro 2018. The fix solution works, but sometime the black still blur to cyan.

  • @cehck I found this happened only on the display screen of MacBook Pro, but my external monitor (dell 2518D) seems working fine, no cyan color.

  • @cehck update, defaults write org.herf.Flux blackbias 0.1 not working anymore, no cyan when set to 0.15.

  • Okay, that seems to work for me. Do I need to remove the defaults setting after upgrading to Mojave? Or will it be ignored automatically?

  • If you kept this build you would have to reset. If we do another update, we will turn it off then.

  • @herf Good evening!

    I just installed flux on my macbook pro '18 and as mentioned in this thread, the blacks turned cyan. I uninstalled flux and everything still was cyan so I restarted my mac. The system crashed and I keep getting crash reports every time I restart. Tried if logging into guest account works but that is also not functioning. Is it possible that this issue was caused by flux?

    Help would be very much appreciated! (Thanks in advance)

  • I just installed this version of Flux on macOS 14.1 Mojave on my MBP 2018.
    After that, the problem was fixed. I use it only for blacking the Menu Bar and for And I use 'darkroom mode' to make the screen red.

    For 'yellowing' the screen I use Nightshift now.

    One nice option for Mojave would be that Flux switches automatically to dark mode at nightfall (or at a given time) and to light mode at wake up time.
    I just notice that this is already done !

  • Worked for me - thank you for creating a separate thread on how to get rid of the cyan colors on Mac OS. Hopefully there'll be a fix in the future from Intel or Apple that fixes the bug.

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