Feature request: Disabling flux on one specific monitor (E-ink in my particular usage)

  • I would like to post a follow-up on the quoted post ==> Re: Feature request: Disabling flux on one monitor

    In similar spirit, I would like to disable f.lux on one specific monitor. In my use case, this is an E-ink display, which does not emit any light. I would like to have f.lux identify this monitor, and permanently disable color/brightness changes on this monitor. This monitor is identifiable through its funky resolution: 1600 x 1200. This is the only monitors of mine that have this resolution.

    In order to extend the lifespan of this pricey E-ink display, I find it practical to completely turn off (exit) f.lux: I only use this E-ink display with Gvim (a text editor), and have turned on the option "Disable f.lux when I am using Vi Improved - a text editor". However, when I move to other windows on other monitors, this E-ink display should go really dark. According to the manufacturer, it kills the E-ink display if one keeps looping the display between Full-Black and Full-White modes.

    I have tried to choose the slow option for the setting "How quickly should transitions happen", but still find it troublesome: the E-ink display will go dark quickly. (By quickly, I am spending 20+ seconds on other monitors/programs, and this period of time should be long enough for the transition to kick in.)

    For now, I have opted to a "hardware solution", putting on an anti-fatigue computer glasses.

    Looking forward to the implementation of this feature request :)

  • I also support this feature request. I typically use my primary monitor for games, videos, or code editing* which I don't want f.lux to change, and my secondary monitor for web browsing and other things which I do want f.lux to change.

    I currently just deal with the bright white display.

    *I'd use f.lux for code editing if it didn't screw with my syntax highlighting.

  • I think this feature request has a lot of weight towards it! I hope to see it in the future, only if possible though.

  • This post is deleted!

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