Feature request: Disabling flux on one monitor

  • I'm an artist, and I was wondering if it's possible to disable flux when a program is active, but only on one monitor (the monitor the program is on). Currently when I use the "disable flux when [art program] is active" feature, it disables flux on all monitors, which kinda doesn't help me, because it essentially hurts my eyes too much for me to use it for a prolonged period. If flux is disabled on just one monitor, that would be useful for doing color sensitive world on that monitor, while still having flux active on the other monitor(s).

    Thanks for the wonderful program.

  • I can imagine we could disable f.lux if you are working on a "dark" design while leaving it working for a "white" page on the other screen? Is that kind of what you're trying to do?

  • @herf More like, I have my art program I need to do color sensitive work on open on one monitor, whilst I have unrelated stuff open on my other 2 screens (usually chat programs/mail or non color sensitive references). Using the "disable when using [program]" feature disables f.lux on all 3 monitors when the program is active.

    I would personally prefer it to only be disabled on the monitor I have said program open on. Or at least have an option like that, if that's at all possible. Because having all 3 monitors have flux disabled kind of hurts my eyes when I work late at night (which I do a lot, to be honest)

    In my case, I already have dark themes on every program I own that allows me to do that, and flux combined with that is actually really nice and easy on the eyes.

    Is that a bit more clear? Sorry, I'm not very good at explaining myself

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