What is Dark Room mode for?

  • I was looking for the answer but didnt really find why it is included? when should i use it? is it basicly better for my eyes to use pc in this mode if i dont need colors that much?

  • Being awesome!

    Use it at 11 P.M. and tell me that's not completely amazing. Use it however you like, it can be for whatever you want it to be.

  • I subscribe to the theory less blue light is better so Zero blue light must do something good, Im sure the people at flux can get some statistics on red light.

    Its all personal taste, Darkroom and other similar inverted themes may not be suitable for GUI elements that require shaded buttons or widgets, where the mental switching to decide if an element is active or pressed may be more than the eye relief, personally I'd go for the eye relief. Plus you can pretend you are working on a submarine in stealth mode ;-)

  • I think it's for fun.

  • I just found a VERY good use for it. I've been awake for over 45 hours in order to accompish a huge project (I've had maybe a half a dozen little power naps). It's nighttime now and I just sat down at my computer after a good long shower. When Windows started, I was blasted by 6500K and 100% monitor brightness, and for the first time ever, this actually hurt a little bit. So now I understand what people mean when they say the bright bluish light hurts. If the conditions are right, then yeah it can hurt.

    Anyway, so I chose 1200K as per usual. For the first time though, it felt absolutely AMAZING - even at 100% monitor brightness. I lowered my monitor brightness all the way down as usual, but I kept wanting more red just to see what it would feel like. So then I decided to try Darkroom Mode. Now I get it. Darkroom Mode is nothing but red white and black, and it feels even better than 1200K - especially on places like the f.lux forum where the white background becomes black.

    So, Darkroom Mode is very nice to have!

  • Can you guys do it but turn the color green instead of red, that would be so "matrixlike" and awesome!

  • Where can i find this option?

  • It's in the f.lux menu.

  • I really like this right now because even with a throbbing headache I can bear to look at my macbook screen without it making me feel worse. Life saver!

  • This post is deleted!

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