Can f.lux remove the need for anti-glare glasses?

  • I just found out that anti-glare glasses can help reduce damage to the eyes when staring at a screen for a long time, partly because the blue light can affect eyesight over time. I also hadn't known that computer glasses existed. It sounds to me like these are useful to anyone, not just people who need prescription lenses.

    If the main problem is the blue light, then would using f.lux to always have less blue light on the computer screen be an alternative solution to computer glasses?

    I do wear glasses and use a computer a lot. But I don't want to pay extra for anti-glare if I can find another solution to the same problem. (And the benefit of anti-glare when driving, the aesthetic, etc. don't interest me as much.)

  • @antigonerex, as I understand it: yes. f.lux in "darkroom" mode will prevent all blue light.

    If you're searching for glasses that block blue light, the best ones I have seen are for medical issues:

  • You don't need Darkroom Mode for removing all of the blue light. Just use the keyboard shortcuts to set the color temperature to 800K.

  • I personally get the best AR coating I can, and I don't worry about "blue blocking" coatings, because they don't do much.

    If you wear glasses and there are lights overhead or slightly behind you, they'll cause optical flare in your glasses and reduce contrast. So AR filters help with light around the screen, not with the screen directly.

    The only downside of AR coatings is that they can make lenses slightly harder to clean (or somewhat more prone to scratches).

  • Thanks you all for your helpful responses! This'll help me pick better glasses next time. And I hadn't tried "Darkroom" mode before—it looks pretty cool.

  • I didn't know about darkroom mode as well! Hidden treasure.

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