why doesn't this work for games ?

  • hello, i'm new to this. The reason i downloaded this is because i play games for so long that i get head aches so my friend told me about some software that prevents head aches. So i downloaded it. Set it up, and tryed to launch a game with it the brightnes imediatly changed to the same 6500k. and just to be sure i tried it on a couple of difrent games. how do i hix this ?

  • You can fix it by playing the game in windowed mode, or borderless windowed mode. It's not a problem with f.lux, but rather a limitation that can't be overcome. I think it also has something to do with DirectX, but all I know is windowed and borderless windowed mode is the only way to get f.lux to affect games (at least the games it doesn't work on in normal full screen mode).

  • @twocables Thank you

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