How to lock the Alt + Page Down setting ?

  • Hello,

    I commonly use F.lux on the quasi-darkest setting, that is, I choose the Ember mode and then darken it through the Alt + Page Down key combination, down to the last brightness setting before the screen goes black with reversed colours.

    But I experience "suddenly brightening screen" issues in the morning.

    For instance, early in the morning when the sun just rose, clicking on F.lux's icon gives me this info :
    "Sunrise in 0 minutes, wake in 2 hours."
    At this point the screen is still dark and in Ember mode.

    Few minutes pass, nothing happens, then the screen suddenly brightens (but remains in Ember mode). F.lux indicates : "Sunrise in 5 minutes, wake in 2 hours."

    This means that at some point, the Alt + Page Down setting I had manually registered got reset.

    My question is : how can I lock my Alt + Page Down setting permanently, 24/7 ?

    Note : I'm using v4.55 on Win 7, thus I don't think this is related to the issue in Win 10 described in the following thread : (plus, my issue is different, there's no fluctuation of the screen temperature).

    Thank you.

  • Which kind of monitor is it? There are usually some other options for permanent dimming.

    We have been working for several years on scheduled dimming but it is still in progress.

    Right now the feature returns to full brightness during the day because we let you dim a lot and people might not be able to see their screen if we did not brighten somewhat. Hope to have more flexibility here in the future.

  • Thank you for your reply, Herf.

    My monitor is a Dell U2417H, which I've already "hardware dimmed" as much as possible, but it's not enough, hence my reliance on f.lux for some additional dimming.

    I understand your design choice. Allow me to suggest the following future features :

    1. The return to full brightness could remain standard, but at least this should be a progressive return. (Currently, the return to full brightness is immediate, therefore brutally bright).
    2. An option for permanently locking the dimming settings could be made available in the settings. It'd be an opt-in option, hence not activated as a standard.

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