Annoyingly fluctuating right after sunset

  • Right after sunset f.lux lighting starts acting weird for about one or two minutes. It looks like it doesn't really know which colour to take, so instead it jumps back and forth between an non-adjusted 'white' screen and an adjusted 'more orange' screen. This is highly annoying to look at and i could imagine this might even trigger epilepsy for some people. This behavior started about a week ago and i was hoping it was just a temporary bug that would get hotfixed, but apparently it isn't, which is why i bring it up now.

  • I'm still having this problem, too. Just starts random flickering at 'sunset' and will not stop until I disable f.lux. Sometimes a restart helps, but sometimes it does nothing and I have to leave it off for the night. Very painful to look at.

  • Are you using the latest version? 4.74 has some fixes with Windows 10.

  • I am having the same issue too. For me it started right after the last Windows 10 update, a couple of weeks ago.

  • @herf No, mine is version 4.66. I will find the latest version. Thank you.

  • Yeah im having the same problem and i have the latest version too, version 4.74.
    And for able a month or so now, the moment it makes it to like sunset F.lux starts freaking out and switching between dimmed and full color. Its honestly getting quite annoying, i've thought about uninstalling it but i really enjoy having it installed.
    So i really hope a fix can be found soon, thanks.

  • @herf Yes, I have the latest version and it's still flickering. I just had to disable because turning it off and turning it back on did nothing tonight. I'll try and turn it on again later.

  • Can you post your driver info (Options >Driver Info will put it on the clipboard)?

  • Turn off Microsoft Night Light.

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