Flux helped! And some more thoughts.

  • After suffering a terrible bout of insomnia, I'm slowly improving and flux definitely helped. Buteyko breathing also works for anxiety sometimes. I never would have thought it, but out of desperation I tried and with practice and exercise, my breathing has improved.

    I also want to emphasize the following:
    -Quit all the internet news and stimulation well before bedtime. Relax into the evening! Everything follows from that.
    -Vitamin D helps during the day. You have to take larger doses than recommended, I was on 2700 U for a time, might decrease gradually. Don't take it during evening or night. Vitamin D is naturally produced when sunlight hits our skin, but most of us don't get enough.
    -Do not worry about sleep. You'll just get back into the cycle. Rather, think about having a productive day. Sleep will follow, just like if you don't eat, eventually you will get hungry.
    -Embrace your dreams. You have to want to dream. When you decide to embrace your dreams, your mind goes there.
    -White noise machine helps a little sometimes
    -Orgasm sometimes helps but is not necessary; just thinking or acting out sex helps
    -Keep things changed up now and then, don't insist on one absolutely correct way to sleep all the time

    Best of luck everyone.

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