more day/time options?

  • I work a compressed work week on night shift (wednesday through saturday 7pm to 7:30am) so I go to bed at 10am wednesday thru saturday, and then sunday thru tuesday i go to bed at around 12am. I know that this is not great for my circadian rhythm, but i get extremely depressed if I don't sleep during the night on my days off.

    Is there any way for me to set up flux to match this?

    My current solution:
    I set up my pc and my laptop as different sleep times, and just never use my laptop on weekends and not use my pc on weekdays, but there are times this is just as annoying than having to manually change it twice a week or disable it every time i want to use it.

    My suggestion for a (somewhat) simple solution:
    I feel like the "sleep in on weekends" should allow me to choose which days are weekends (for those of us who work saturday and sundays, or have 3 days off a week) and choose how many hours late we stay up (my case would be extreme at 14 hours)

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