Flux UI unresponsive after reboot

  • Hello,
    OS X Lion
    After I rebooted I wasn't able to invoke UI such as Preferences and "About" panel. Previuosly it had an issue when at an unknown point it would lose this ability. After the current update it seemed it went away only to re-emerge today after the said event. I also encountered a thread on this forum where OP claimed that Flux stopped working after him cleaning cache. I wonder if these 2 issues are related and how do we cure them?

  • Thanks for the report - is f.lux not working at all on 10.7? Or the UI is not appearing?

    We are definitely trying to build for 10.7, but the oldest test machine we have is 10.8. (Also our updater, Sparkle, says it supports 10.7 too.)

    We can downgrade you also, but I would love to fix what's going on.

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