Saving F Flux in sunset mode 24-7.

  • Hi, I liked flux before this last update. I like to keep it operating in sunset mode all the time, . The last update had a selection to save your setting choice but this one doesn't. I'm disappointed and would like to keep it running in the sunset color mode 24-7. It's easier on my eyes, it's easier on everyone's eyes. Is there a way I can keep it set in sunset mode that I don't understand?

  • What version are you running? There is a way to do this on all the current versions. If you are on Mac, make sure you have "Expand Daytime Settings" option checked, then set your daytime color. You will need to change the other colors.

    We do not recommend sunset mode for use before bed as it still lets a lot of light through. If that's the mode most comfortable to you and you are concerned about light that can affect sleep, dimming your screen as far as you can will help a lot. See for some interactive charts.

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