F.lux and memory usage

  • Hello !
    I have a very annoying issue with F.lux and I need help.
    Each time F.lux start to change screen colors (the evening and the morning), my computer starts to be very slow and the swap memory enlarges nonstop. I just got a message telling me to close apps to free memory space ! ...
    It always happens at the same hour, defined in f.lux properties.
    This doesn't happen if f.lux process is not running.
    You can see on the pictures that the swap files inflates when f.lux is doing the transition.

    1_1524050974844_04.jpg 0_1524050974844_03.jpg

    I don't want to reboot each time F.lux finishes to do the transition !

  • I wanted to precise that it's using High Sierra, with a GeForce GT 640.

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