How do you manually edit disabled apps?

  • Re: Removing app from Disable for...

    Has the behavior described in that thread changed? I have tried editing org.herf.Flux.plist while f.lux was not running. I have tried replacing the whole file with an older copy while f.lux was not running. No effect whatsoever to any back and forth changes, even though the plist file does update when I use the menu option to disable/reenable it for an app. F.lux has to be reading it from somewhere else, right?

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  • f.lux team

    What is the app you're working on? We don't support the suggestion in the other thread but if you let us know what you're trying to do we might be able to help.

  • @lorna It’s a full-screen game that doesn’t give me access to the menubar. Doesn’t even let me command-tab out of it. So I was hoping to be able to type in the name or path somewhere.

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