Bug - Flicker soon after sunset/bedtime transition

  • Not sure if anybody else has experienced this, but this flicker only appears a few minutes after the sunset/bedtime transition. F.lux appears to shut off completely for 1 minute (i.e. daylight temperature), and then resumes bedtime color temperature. This has been ongoing for 1 year of daily use, and is extremely annoying, especially late at night (I see the light! My eyes! Haha). Otherwise, f.lux is quite stable, and I applaud the developers for creating this literally health-improving plugin when comparing computer use without the plugin before hitting the sack. Thank You developers. You guys are absolutely making a positive difference in this world. Thanks again. Anyway, auto-brightness is off on my system, and the plugin isn't crashing / quitting during the flicker. Any ideas?

    Specs:1_1521255407095_01.png 0_1521255407094_02.png

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