what is the best blub or tube led for painting

  • what is the best blub or tube led for painting ? by the way i search for bulb or tube led with temprature 5000K i dont finnd it in my city and i cant order it from web

  • Hey, hamma2020. Besides color temperature (above 5000 Kelvin), there are other basic things you should keep in mind when choosing a bulb or tube for an art studio. Here they are:

    Color Rendering Index (CRI) - CRI of an LED bulb should be equal to or above than 80. A high CRI helps lighting source accurately reproduce colors.
    Brightness - For a small to a medium sized room, 6000-8000 Lumens would suffice (120-watt bulb)
    Luminous Efficiency - An average luminous efficiency of 80 -120 Lumen/watt is generally required for producing white and bright light.

    Since you couldn't find the desired LED lights in your city or on the web, I'd love to suggest a global LED supplier here, SeniorLED. Price is affordable & quality is top-notch. Other goodies include AIG insurance, brand warranty etc. For the record, I sourced my entire LED lights (for house & office) from this China-based manufacturer which turned out a great buy. You can contact them at info@seniorled.com

    Ping me in case of any further query. Hope I helped.

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