Wrong brightness value sent via POST request

  • Hello to everyone, and thanks to flux developers!
    I've just bought a Yeelight Smart Ceiling Lamp, and I confirm it can be used with flux by using a small python server (see https://geektimes.ru/post/294385/). It will not reach color temperature below 3500k but I think it's fine.

    However, while color temperature is consistently updated, I've noticed that flux always send brightness value = 1.00000 (see picture below), even when I lower the brightness with flux hotkeys. I would expect the "bri" value in the POST to decrease accordingly! Is this a bug or I'm missing something?

    ![alt text](0_1519811522056_upload-1c69b41d-6472-4792-84be-07c491924c25 image url)

  • Yes we should add this - internally there is a "scheduled brightness" and a "temporary brightness" but we could at least send both. (Our internal version has a bunch more controls like this but we are trying to make it simple enough to ship it...!)

    There are some cases where you might want "most" of your lighting to follow a schedule (like if you have a house with lots of people in it), but the lights in your room with you to match the screen exactly, but we can just send both parameters and let you pick.

  • Thanks herf, looking forward to try out this feature, then!

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